In a new industry still defining itself, NDICA understands the need for equity and diversity in the workplace AND the standards, procedures and education required for inclusion.

Our team works daily to create equitable employment and ownership opportunities in this evolving Cannabis space. We design and continually adapt our programs to decrease disparities in business and employment for people of color and others in affected communities.


We train, educate and mentor SEP applicants and individuals who qualify under SEP guidelines. Those who seek employment in the emerging cannabis industry but may not have the skillsets and/or experience and, therefore, the confidence to achieve their goals can count on our programs and industry experts to help them climb. To accommodate various schedules, classes and training are available in-person and online. In addition, program participants will receive follow-up services and ongoing support from our staff for a minimum of 12-months. We work every step of the way in tandem with our industry partners and businesses to mutually support both them and SEP participants.


Participants can look forward to learning from well-respected industry experts who have their feet-on-the-ground in daily cannabis operations. These instructors share not only their objective knowledge but also their personal experiences and passion for the industry.

Categories:  Trimmers, Budtenders, Cultivators, Management

Classes held by industry experts:

Master Trimmers

Desiree Flore and Inge Hazebrook

Master Grower

Bryant Mitchell of Blaqstar Farms

BudTending and Retail Management

Toula Poulopoulos, Alternative Herbal Health Services/AHHS, West Hollywood


Hands-on training is crucial in the cannabis space. At NDICA, our onsite internship program has proven highly effective in training SEP applicants to secure employment and/or become owners/operators. By placing them in legal retail stores and facilities to learn day-to-day operations, compliance, inventory, security, packaging, track and trace, and POS and CRM systems, they gain the information and the experience to own their own cannabis business or move in to professional roles. In employment for both entry-level and C-suite level positions, our goal is to place interns in long-term positions, but short term temporary work will also be available. A minimum of 120 hours is required to obtain a certificate of completion.  Additional hours may be required if SEP applicant does not pass the required interim and final tests.


Applicants may apply for employment in any of these areas online or in-person. Please note, however, an in-person assessment and evaluation of an SEP applicant’s education, experience and skill levels in the various aspects of the legal cannabis industry are required before accepting the individual in to the program. This appraisal will give us a full scope of what the applicant’s needs are and how to best meet those needs and place and support the individual accordingly. Once accepted into the program, they will be educated on day-to-day operations, compliance, inventory, security, packaging, track and trace, POS, and CRM systems.


NDICA will hold monthly job fairs at its L.A Western location, the State E.D.D (Employment Development Dept.) and various locations throughout the County. Participants can count on being able to interact with professionals and top cannabis brands and businesses. NDICA will also have a presence at relevant events in the targeted communities to build the workforce, as mandated by the SEP program. We will announce any and all job fairs – via website, media outlets and our social media sites – and specifics on where to find our booth at events to keep program participants and community members engaged and informed.


We constantly engage with our community via our strong online presence. SEP candidates and participants can stay up-to-date with all of our internship, education, and employment programs via the NDICA Website Job Board, Linked-IN, INDEED and an ever-growing number of community programs and job-boards with which we form alliances.


We are proud to partner with a growing number of legal/licensed cannabis businesses. We align only with businesses and professionals who support our mission of inclusion, equity, and diversity in the Cannabis Industry and who reflect the mission of the LA County Social Equity Program. Program participants can count on a supportive environment as they work toward their goals.

Individuals that complete NDICA training and have previous experience or sufficient skills may be matched with and interview with various pre-vetted employers in our network. Our goal is to place a minimum of 80% of our individuals at various companies for permanent employment.

NDICA has in-house partnerships with the following companies at this time and will be adding more to the list:  Whoopi & Maya, OG Collectives, AHHS Retail WEHO, Sparx Cannabis, Dosist, P & S Ventures, Exhale Med Center.


NDICA is proud to partner with like-minded employment facilitators to offer our SEP participants optimal opportunities for job placement and career development.

We are currently partnered with the State of California’s E.D.D (Employment Development Dept.) and ResCare WorkSource Centers for the following:

·       Local Outreach
·       Resume Writing
·       Diversity Strategist 
·       Entry Level to C-Suite Job Placements
·       Computer Access

We are in the process of vetting other potential agencies for partnership.


Contact thendica.org/#signup or info@thendica.org for more information.