NDICA – National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance – was founded to create social equity, social justice and diversity in the Cannabis Industry. In a region hit hard by the War on Drugs, the Alliance is here to lock arms with people of color and marginalized community members, in general, and march forward to create, sustain, and evolve a thriving culture and industry.

Our diverse and passionate team at NDICA works daily to create equitable employment and ownership opportunities in the Cannabis space. We’ve designed and continually evolve programs intended to decrease disparities in life outcomes for people of color and others in affected communities.


NDICA’s programs include Workforce Development, Internships and Job Placement. Toward that end, we offer expungement aid/clinics, progressive business development and accountability, technical assistance, educational forums, specialized job training and the formation of capital funds for investment in compliant and market-leading cultivation, manufacturing, product development, and establishing companies.


Our team aligns with innovative thinkers and leaders to create guidance and mentorship for the people and market we serve. By bringing together government agencies, industry leaders, practitioners and intellectuals through forums, expungement clinics, think tanks and a thriving online community, NDICA fosters industry leadership and provides necessary technical expertise and resources.


NDICA supports applicants and licensees eligible for the Social Equity Program (SEP) established under Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 104.20. The Program’s key components include the following:

  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • Priority Processing
  • Business Licensing and Compliance (BLC)
  • Technical Assistance
  • Review and Administration of Social Equity Agreements
  • Fee Deferral Program